That [bodywork] was the best experience of my life.”
— Sydney C.
Jillian introduced me to a world of deeply integrated work made easy by master instructors whom ‘seemingly effortlessly’ guided my yoga and meditation practice through new doors to blissful states, fresh understandings, and new ways of being.”
— Sarah A.
Every session feels truly intentional and is always a significant part of my week. She’s got this incredible way of creating a safe space for you to experience active release that makes a real difference. It turns out connecting to your body and letting go of what doesn’t serve you can be pretty scary! Thanks to Jillian’s patience and support, I’m more brave in that room than probably anywhere else in life right now.”
— Zach B.
Jillian is a phenomenally talented and compassionate healer. I’ve had only two sessions with her so far and they have already had a profound impact on me. I was feeling stuck and stagnant in my life when I first went to see Jillian. She sat with me for the first half hour of our session and listened intently to what was weighing on me. She was completely present with me, and I never felt judged or misunderstood. She used the information I gave her, along with her intuition, to inform our bodywork session. The hour she spent working on me was transformational. I was left feeling lighter and yet more grounded. I was able to let go of and release so much of the emotional burden I had been carrying around. After our session I became more aware of my body and how different people and situations affected me physically. I HIGHLY recommend bodywork (and yoga) with Jillian.”
— Karolin B.
I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Jillian for over 10 years. She has steadfastly shown up for our small group of Yogis, weekly at LA Metro, for over 10 years. Her commitment to us, and the practice we have built, is something I hold near and dear. Over time, Jillian has taught me so much about the importance of self-care, healing, yoga, and how it can impact our individual journeys as human beings. She never fails to show up with her true self, and teaches us all by example that we can do the same. She consistently provides a safe and oftentimes challenging space for us to continually work on and develop our own practices, at our own pace. She has the rare gift of making everyone feel included, and creates an atmosphere (in yoga classes, bodywork sessions and on retreats) that resonates with beauty and spirituality. I couldn’t possibly gush enough in one little review about how much Jillian’s guidance and presence over the years has personally helped me emotionally, spiritually and physically. You just cannot go wrong by having Jillian in your life and by your side.”
— Melissa R.
Yoga practice with Jillian is a truly holistic experience. It’s not just exercise; it is the coming together (synergy) of breath, strength and spirit. After a class with Jillian, I feel renewed, powerful and in tune with my own rhythms.”
— Anne F.