Yoga by Jillian

Office Yoga

Over 10 years ago Jillian started the Office Yoga program at the Metro LA office, offering yoga classes to its employees during lunch time. Jillian now offers yoga programs at the NPR & Metro Los Angeles offices. For information on starting an office yoga program at your office, please reach out to Jillian directly. Jillian speaks at annual health and wellness fairs at NPR & Metro teaching people how to combat fatigue and carpal tunnel with desk stretches. She educates people on counter poses to combat habitual seated desk poses. 

Yoga Therapy

 Jillian co-created yoga programs for Reasons Eating Disorder Residential Center and BHC Alhambra Hospital in 2009, where she works with adolescents and adults. With primary emphases alignment, mindfulness, and intuitive sound and movement. She uses grounding techniques to train her students how to self-regulate and navigate through potential triggers that may otherwise lead to flashbacks or unhealthy cycles of behavior, all of this with careful consideration to not re-traumatizing the patient. Over time she teaches her students not to avoid physicality, but to combat old fight-or-flight responses by engaging the initial response and creating new muscle memory in the brain and body grounded in safety and strength. For more information please click here: http://reasonsedc.com/yoga-therapy/ 

Donation Based Yoga Class

Founded on the belief that everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of yoga despite of their financial situation, Jillian's Sunday Yoga Class at Studio A Dance in Silverlake, CA is enjoyed by all of its followers. Every Sunday from 10:00-11:15 AM, Jillian offers this yoga class with a concentration on alignment and breath. Please click here for more information. Jillian teaches 1-2 classes every month at Studio A Dance. Please check Instagram and Facebook for more information on when she’ll be teaching. Jillian will be taking a Summer break from classes June-August. She will return for Sunday Yoga in September.